Advanced Coating Technique
At the time of staining our doors, we use "ILVA" brand products together with application of the "Glassohyd" system, which allows us to:
  • Protect the wood from moisture, mould, color change, surface deformation.
  • Achieve stability in interaction with the middle timber, which contains moisture and resinous material which creates durability in the surface.
  • Achieve easy maintenance and repair opportunity.
  • Create aesthetically pleasing results.
What is a Glassohyd system?
A "Glassohyd" System is an innovative wood coating method that ensures a complete coating system, from the primer to the fi nishing coat, and thus provides the wood with long-lasting protection. The first advantage is improved wet adhesion, and enhanced protection against weathering. Another advantage arises from the low-molecular polymer resin technology.
The extremely small particles of polymer binder penetrate deeply into the surface of the wood and guarantee durable anchorage and good adhesion for subsequent coats.
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